We are currently working on a boat that hit a sandbank in the Broadwater on the Gold Coast. As luck would have it, it was the new owners maiden voyage when the accident happened. The owner was in a need of guidance as well as full-service and we were happy to help.

Hitting a rock, a sandbank or even another vessel, is one of the worst-case scenarios for a boat owner. How to navigate the insurance claim, what needs to be done to the boat, how to transport the boat safely and how do you know if the work has been done sufficiently? When dealing with us, the only thing you need to do as a boat owner is to contact the insurance company and get a claim number, we do all the rest.

In the case of this particular boat, the owner was able to drive the boat from where the accident happened to nearby Calypso Bay where the Harbour Master referred him to us. We have since organised to transport the boat to our workshop in Coomera, done an initial assessment on work required and have been discussing the quote with the insurance assessor. What happens now, is that we agree on the work needed to be done with the insurance assessor, carry out the work, get the assessor to approve the work. We invoice the insurance company and hand the boat back to the owner ready to be taken out on the water. All the hard work is done for by us.

We are insurance certified to deal with most major marine insurers. Currently we deal with 6-8 insurance jobs a month and get referrals far and wide ranging from insurance assessors to marine harbour masters and volunteer marine rescue.