Quality Antifouling


Seatech Marine operates a Specialist Antifoul and Detailing Division focusing on high quality workmanship utilising only quality International Paint products. Annual antifouling is required to improve speed and/or maintain speed at less power and optimise fuel consumption.

Although the products we use are dearer than the competition, over the years we have found that International Paint products perform better in the long term. In particular we use International’s Micron 66 due to its unique self polishing copolymer (SPC) technology, which has a special polishing action that results in a smoother finish reducing the increase in surface roughness significantly over time. This means your hull is protected for longer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Fixed Price Quotation?

We can give you an approximate cost to antifoul your hull over the phone on 55 801 883 but the final cost cannot be provided until the boat is out of the water and we can determine the condition of your hull. We prefer to do this with you so that we can explain any issues. Once you have signed the Work Request Form the work can begin and completion is usually 2-3 days.

How often do I need to Antifoul?

We use market leading International Yacht Paints that can give maximum protection for your hull depending on your usage and environmental issues. However, there is no product that can protect your running gear, propeller and leading edges of the rudder for 12 months as they endure constant abrasion from turbulent water caused by the propeller. For that reason we have found that the best and most economic results are had from antifouling  every 12 months.

Do you apply 1 coat or 2?

Preparation is the key to success with antifouling. We waterblast the hull and drives and scrape off barnacles. We then wet rub and acid wash the hull to remove scum and any other foreign contaminate build ups on the gelcoat. We then sand and scrape bare patches and loose edges and apply International Primacon prior to applying a full coat of International Awlcraft (superior Micron 66 at extra charge) to the hull. We then apply a thick coating of International Trilux 33 by paint gun to the drive and propeller to ensure proper coverage to all drive components. Propspeed is available as an optional extra.

We have found that boats receiving 2 coats become just as fouled after 12 months as those receiving 1 coat. We do however apply 2 coats of International Awlcraft  to the water line of the hull and apply a thick coat of  Trilux 33 to the running gear. Antifoul paints by nature are very  thick and designed such that the various solids and resins dissolve out or the paint during its  12 months life.

Where will the work take place?

We operate from either the Gold Coast City Marina or The Boat Works both at Coomera and on the water. We offer a pick and drop off service and depending on your facilities we can come to you in our customised Mobile Antifouling Van .

Do you use Hard or Ablative Antifoul?

We use both Hard and Ablative antifouling in a typical antifouling project. Both last about 12 months. The hard system is applied to high speed areas such as the props, skegs and running gear which are subject to most of the water turbulence.

Ablative antifouling is used on the balance of the hull surface as it is softer and self ablates in the water continually exposing new layers of copper and biocide which does a better job of delaying the onset of growth on boats that are used once a month or less.



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