The recent unprecedented floods and rain have left many boat owners devastated. The damage we have seen has varied from fully submerged vessels where not much can be done to extensive and expensive cleanups and refitted electricals.

Being prepared is the best thing a boat owner can do when heavy rain is forecasted. Here is what to do and how to keep your boat safe in heavy rain.

For trailer vessels

  • Elevate the bow of your boat either by winding up the jockey wheel or supporting the drawbar.
  • Remove all drain bungs.
  • Make sure the bungholes are clear with no leaves or debris blocking them.
  • Store away all buckets and items that can hold water.


For moored vessels

  • Make sure the float switches are operational.
  • Make sure the bilge pumps are working and not blocked. (You would be surprised how often they get blocked by dog hair and plastic bags, for example!).
  • Make sure the shore power is connected and the battery charger is operational.
  • Make sure that seapen boats don’t get logs and debris lodged in them, causing a pull under event with fast flow of water.


And after the rain, please remember to be mindful of logs and debris in the waterways! Submerged debris can cause damage to the gelcoat, antifoul, drive or the props, not to mention more serious damage.

As always, stay safe and enjoy boating!