Outboard Engines

Seatech Marine has the biggest team of factory trained marine mechanics on the Gold Coast. We have 27 years experience with Mercury Outboard Engines and specialised diagnostic equipment to ensure that any hidden problems are detected and rectified in the workshop rather than in the water. We have mechanics experienced in ALL MAKES of Outboards. For peace of mind we provide  a warranty on all genuine parts fitted by our qualified technicians.

It is Important to Service your Outboard Engine Annually even if you Do Not Use Your Boat!!

  • Oil becomes acidic AFTER 12 months which leads to corrosion and eventual engine failure
  • Water pump impellors gain a memory  and will cavitate  after long periods of non usage leading to overheating and engine damage
  • As the Trim System is mounted on the transom, excessive corrosion can lead to the costly replacement of parts
  • Lack of battery maintenance could lead to vessel sinking in the event of a storm due to bilge pump failure
  • A Lack of adequate cooling on outboard engines is one of the major reasons for engines seizing. A small blockage in the cooling system can create a hot spot and engine failure is imminent
  • Problems with the fuel system on outboards can result in excess/insufficient fuel useage and  a costly engine rebuild
  • Total breakdown of vessel resulting in a possibly dangerous situation at sea ,or at least expenses  for towing and /or possible vessel /personal damage injury

We Guarantee all repairs to ALL MAKES of outboard engines.

We have factory trained technicians to look after your Mercury, Tohatsu, Yamaha, Johnson, Evinrude or Honda engine.

Located at The Boat Works at Coomera we can tend to your boat at our secure, spacious , modern , undercover , fully equipped workshops or in our on-site marina berths. You can be assured of the highest quality of service and workmanship.

We also  have  fully equipped Mobile Vans working in the Gold Coast region to bring our high level of expertise to your vessel for your convenience. Repairs are carried out at your location with a minimum of fuss and can be organised with our Operations Manager on 55 801 883.

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