Our service manager, a wealth of knowledge and an all-around boat experts, Jonathon talks about the latest Volvo marine engines and the improvements that taken place. Volvo marine engines are now even easier to service, more durable and a lot neater to fit into your boat’s engine bay.

“We have a new 2080 V6 Volvo [engine] here today. We have been doing fitouts of these ones on 28 and 32 Mustangs lately. If you want to come to the front, I will show you some new ideas Volvo has come up compared to their old models.”

“So, for easier serviceability, they used to have the raw water pump on the front of the balancer. There was the securing bracket [and a] bit of a mission dropping hoses. water in the bilge, [taking the] belts off just to get to the water pump. They have now made it stand-alone. Still belt driven but on its own. Now you don’t need to drop the belt for servicing. That is a good set up.”

“You notice that these are all now alloy based. So, a lot lighter, freshwater cooled, Bakelite construction heat exchanges so with servicing, you don’t have to worry about the alloys breaking down, corrosion or what not. Cooler on here and they have the hot water service takeoffs on the side and bottom which makes it a lot neater. This is an earlier, bigger model, a 496. It is a good engine and fitted for an older style boat. Now it is a lot neater than having the hoses just rammed at the front of your engine.”

“75 alternator, up nice and high, away from any saltwater catching to the boat itself. You don’t have to worry about saltwater flapping up onto the alternator.”

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