Smaller operators can be flexible & cheap – but often unreliable or under resourced. Others offer a more reliable service – but with limited offerings that have you running around to multiple suppliers and locations. That is fine, if you have plenty of time, and the knowledge to navigate your way through the technical issues.

The challenge for customers has been finding someone that is both dependable AND flexible.

We’ve created the perfect balance which combines the dependability of industry-leading standards and world-class facilities – with the flexibility of everything under one roof and full mobile and pickup service.

Seatech Marine’s success has been build on our customer requests for peace of mind, freedom, and commitment.

So how did this unique combination come about? Good question – here’s our story…


It probably comes as no surprise we love being on the water. Being out there - places nobody else is. Having fun, activities like skiing, site seeing, fishing or even just cruising. Great experiences and total relaxation. To us the water represents freedom. We’re also inspired by things you can rely on, depend on. Staying safe. The idea of being trapped out on the water, stranded with your engine stopped, by yourself with no help - no thanks. Distressing for family and everyone involved, and big expenses when you get home. To us having a boat you can rely on means peace of mind. And last but not least we are a family focussed business with a commitment to life/work balance. The connections and relationships with those closest to us. Their intensity, the way they constantly change. Boats and families go hand in hand, and to us they represent commitment.


Chris Exindaris - our General Manager - has brought much to our team. The value of quality assurance, the skill set of being able to improve things going through tough times. Continuous improvement, and listening to the customer as a priority. Working alongside our partner Volvo, we share many of the the same values. Specifically - to maintain mechanical excellence. They also reinforce with us over and over again the value of continuous learning & again prioritising the customer experience. It’s our customers however, that teach us the most. They teach us they want a boat they can depend on, one they can use when they want to. They also teach us it’s important that flexible solutions are on offer to meet their changing needs. Dependability and flexibility.


It hasn’t always been plain sailing though - we’ve had our values tested more than once. We were challenged when we were faced with the loss of a high value dealership - and another supplier was put right next door. There was concern we’d lose our customers, and we didn’t know how it would affect our business. What we learned was that by giving existing customers the quality of service they desire, they won’t look anywhere else We formed a new affiliation with another dealer and our business got stronger. And one of our biggest challenges.. Another company called Ocean Power Marine was closed at GC City Marina and merged with Seatech Marine - allowing a big competitor access to the Marina. Again this had potential to seriously affect our business.... and we weren’t sure what would happen


Once again we kept our head down and worked on keeping our customers on the water, and they kept coming back. We’ve not only retained our customers - we’ve gotten stronger. We’ve seen other dealers go by the wayside - doing the wrong thing by customers. By working with integrity, Seatech sets the standards and is an inspiration to other operators in the industry. Feedback we get from smaller operators on a regular basis is testament to this. And we continuously improve to maintain our market leadership and keep our customers on the water. A position that combines dependability and flexibility for our customers. One that’s built on peace of mind, freedom, and commitment for our customers. All for the purpose of helping boat owners keep their boat on the water so they can enjoy more of life with family and friends.





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