We often work with interstate owners and buyers and this time around; we were able to help a Sydney based customer with his purchase of a 58-foot Riviera. The customer was interested in purchasing a Queensland based boat and got our team to inspect the vessel, do a pre-purchase inspection and carry out oil sampling to find any further underlying issues or potential future problem.

Based on our inspection, we quoted for the required work and after water-testing the boat, found some additional issues. The work has included alternators, Ips routine maintenance, complete cooling system strip and service, annual servicing and tiding items found in our pre purchase inspections, using our preferred trades and contacts we will be carrying out air conditioning servicing, refrigeration re gassing, complete vessel detailing, new decals, as well as installing the new Volvo Dynamic Positioning System.

This Riviera has three D6 Volvo engine / Ips packages and a very busy engine bay.

Take a tour around the engine bay with our Service Manager Jonathon.

The owner is looking forward to the completed work and taking his new boat to the Hamilton Island before heading down to Sydney. Another busy day, another magnificent boat, another happy customer.