Pre Purchase Mechanical Boat Inspections Gold Coast

Are you buying a new boat, and want to ensure it is seaworthy, in excellent condition and mechanically sound?

Book a Pre-Purchase Mechanical inspection with Seatech Marine, and be confident
that your future boat is as mechanically sound as you would hope.

All boat and yacht owners should have pre-purchase inspections performed prior to purchasing a new or used vessel. It is important to look at factors other than the price of the vessel, including power, performance, displacement, structural integrity, and hull composition. That’s where we step in and help you with our technical expertise and knowledge in evaluating the mechanical integrity boats & yachts for your peace of mind. You also have the option of completing an oil sample to fully ascertain just how good the internals of an engine really are. We work closely with Marine Surveyors who survey the structural and hull integrity for you.

 Our highly qualified, certified and professional technicians will perform a detailed Pre-purchase Mechanical Inspection at our location in the Boat Works at Coomera, or an on location survey can be arranged to suit your needs.

Note: For trailer boats the most cost effective option is for the inspection to be completed at our Coomera facility