Volvo introduced its Inboard Performance System (IPS) in 2005 and added the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) to it in 2009. The IPS was a revolution in marine technology and continues to lead the way. The DPS is a part of the larger IP system that automatically maintains the boat’s heading and position and safely keeps it within a very limited area. All features of the DPS are automatic which eliminates the effects of wind or current on the position of your boat.

So, what the Inboard Performance System does is it brings your boat’s engines and electronics into one platform. This allows for optional functions, increased control and better manoeuvring and onboard comfort. In reality, this means joystick driving, a state-of-the-art Interceptor Trim System and the Dynamic Positioning System, the DPS. The DPS is an ideal solution for when the driver wants to maintain the boat’s position for docking, getting fenders and ropes ready, waiting for the bridge or lock to open or hovering over your favourite spot while fishing.

As we all know, for a boat to stand still with manual manoeuvring is near impossible. Volvo Penta has enhanced the DPS to include a Repositioning feature that will allow you to make small alterations to your boat’s position with a simple tap of the SkyHook joystick. The twin GPS antennas allow the system to determine your boat’s position and heading while the sophisticated and specially developed software in the Electronic Vessel Control system transforms the received data into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to keep the boat still. And since 2021, a fully integrated Assisted Docking system has been commercially available as well. This system integrates a software layer for a complete package including HMI (human-machine interface) at the helm, electronics via the engine, propulsion systems and sensors, and advanced navigation processing power for a much easier boating experience.

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