We are proud of the expertise and experience we have in our team and that expertise is valued by the boating public and marine professionals alike.

Recently we had the pleasure to assist one of The Boat Works’ valued staff members in servicing her new boat. Charmaine Webb is the Marketing Manager of The Boat Works Boatyard & Marina and a boat enthusiast. Growing up on the water in and around Moreton Bay, and continuing this trend with her young family on the Broadwater, they decided to upgrade the boat to allow more freedom. Choosing the Australian built Whittley brand, which really is the quintessential caravan on water, allow the versatility to travel and explore beyond the Broadwater.

“I have been working with the team in Seatech Marine for years, and I knew I could rely on their expertise when getting the Volvos services. I wanted the best advice and the best team, and that is what I got,” Charmaine said.

While Charmaine had found the boat she was interested in, a 26-foot Whitley, and developed a relationship with the seller, our team was able to support and help her through with some pre-purchase advice. We pointed out the potential issues she needed to consider with the model of the engine she was buying, discussed the problems related to low hours and lack of use of the boat and gave her an estimate on the work required.

The vessel had only had 5 hours of running time in the past three years, and this had created issues of its own; the boat was overheating on the plane, the engine had running issues, and thorough annual service was needed.

The issues with overheating on the plane come from a broken water feed through the transom assembly and are common for SeaPen boats. This happens when the plastic tail is exposed, becomes sun brittle and snaps off due to being out of the water and sucking in air, not water.

The engine had running issues due to lack of use, stale fuel and dirty injectors, but nothing you would not expect from a boat that has not been used. And draining the tank and cleaning the injectors were an easy fix!

Like with any purchase, good, thorough service was necessary. In addition to the usual, we checked the software for upgrades and scanned the engine and its running with the Volvo Penta diagnostic program, VODIA. The diagnostic tools give us a detailed look into the engine, its history, current condition and what to expect in the future.

“I have been working in the marine industry for years and know the challenges one can face when navigating their way through buying a boat and getting it ready to be taken out. You want a team who know their trade-in and out, who communicate with you throughout the process and whose advice and opinion you can trust,” Charmaine said. “Johno was outstanding with great advice and an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise. This allowed us to have that peace of mind with the engine servicing and its requirements. A very prompt turn-around with good value for money!”

“Brendan went over and above with the sea trail post servicing and offered some great advice,” Charmaine continued. “Passing by in our day-to-day work, he still offers his interest to see how the boats performance is and if all is running well. A great professional and a fantastic team member! I appreciate his sincerity.”

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