The day will come when your boat, and specifically its engine, has seen better days and you are left wondering whether it might be time to look for a new vessel. Before you make the decision, think about repowering as a mean of getting your boat to perform like it used to. Repowering is a great option if your boat is still in a good condition, ticks the boxes for you and your family but needs a bit more juice or reliability when it comes down to the engine.

What does repowering mean? It means exactly what it sounds; getting a better power source for your boat. This is a cost-effective option for buying a new boat or to replacing an aging engine. In other words, you will get a boat that runs like new.

One of the first jobs this new year, has been to look after the repowering of a 32 Mustang sent to us from Northern Queensland. As a remote job, the boat was put on a truck in Townsville and brought to our workshop on the Gold Coast. While in our workshop, the boat got serviced and in addition to the regular work, two new Volvo engines to replace the old marine engines, the whole system got water-tested, put back on a truck and sent back to a happy owner.

The benefits of repowering this boat were many; the new engines are lighter, technologically more advanced, have increased reliability and have superior longevity compared to the older models. Technological and innovative advances have introduced great leaps forward, such as freshwater cooling which eliminate corrosion, new and lighter parts which means more power as well as greater speed without going up an engine size.

At the end of the day, the simple question is whether you (still) love your boat. If the answer is yes, check out our previous blog about 10 Things to Consider with Marine Engine Repowering and give us a call for a quote for repowering your boat.