Firstly, become a member of the VMR before boating

Before you do any boating on the Gold Coast you should become a member of the Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR).  Associate Membership is $66 per year and includes:

  • Assistance with grounded vessels
  • Towing of vessels (in breakdown situations – to the closest safe haven or boat ramp)
  • Pump-outs of sinking vessels
  • Flat Battery Jump Starts
  • Radio checks, Weather, Tidal and Boating Safety Information
  • Dignified Ashes Dispersal at Sea
  • Marine Rescue Assistance from Point Danger to Bribie Island, including up to 30 NM seaward of the coastline.

Well worth the investment.

What to do if you break down:

  1. Remain calm and make sure everyone is safe. If children on board, fit their life jackets.
  2. Lower your anchor, if all propulsion is lost, to stop you from drifting onto rocks or into other vessels. If vessel is taking on water and bilge pumps can’t cope – still drop the anchor.
  3. Contact VMR on 07 55911300 or on VHF channels 16, 67 or 27 Mhz channels 86 or 88.
  4. If you are offshore and can’t get through to VMR actuate your Eperb.
  5. Prepare the vessel for evacuation and prepare tender.
  6. Stay with the vessel until help arrives. VMR will tell you the best place to go to unload your family etc.

If the boat is sinking and you need an emergency lift, The Boat Works can assist – call them on 07 5500 0000.

At Seatech Marine we will work to accommodate emergency repairs as quickly as possible.