One of our customers was in Central Australia when he bought a boat online, sight unseen. He asked us to go pick it up, and we found it in a sorry state. The engine wouldn’t turn over, so our first job was to perform first aid to get it running, then drive the boat over to our workshop for a proper assessment. The boat hadn’t been maintained correctly, and we’ve had to do some pretty extensive repair and maintenance work to get it into decent shape for its new owner – who won’t even see the boat for weeks yet.

Contact Seatech before you buy

Our customer’s new-boat woes could have been mitigated a lot if he’d talked to us first and asked us to perform a pre-purchase inspection. We could have gone over the boat and given him an estimation of the time and money that it would cost him to get the boat on the water again. If he’d decided to go ahead with the purchase, he’d at least have done so with fully open eyes.

Seatech’s pre-purchase inspections are a great way to gain peace of mind when you’re buying a new boat. We can go out to the boat, look it over, assess any repairs or tune-ups required, and give you a quote before you even buy. We can also flag any serious issues that might change your decision to buy.

Assistance from go to whoa

We can help you along your entire boat ownership journey. Seatech can help you to figure out the best boat to buy, maintain it on a regular schedule to keep it running smoothly, perform repairs and renovations, and even help you to sell it. We’re a true one-stop shop, because if it’s related to your boat, we can help you with it.