Gold Coast is the quintessential boat and boatie heaven and that also results in a large number of boats being sold and bought here. We were recently contacted by a potential buyer from Tasmania interested in a boat on the Gold Coast. He had been talking to a broker about this particular purchase and the broker had put him in touch with us. The client was after a pre-purchase inspection and a follow up service to make the boat safe and reliable to take back to Tasmania.


At the same time, we were approached by another potential buyer from Tasmania. He was also looking to purchase a boat on the Gold Coast and his friend had recommended us to assist him in the process. He got in touch with us and arranged a pre-purchase inspection as well as any required follow up work for the boat.


As the story goes, these two buyers from Tasmania are friends and unbeknown to each other, had both been looking at purchasing boats on the Gold Coast. Also unbeknown to them was the fact that both of their boats were being inspected and serviced by us. Now the two happy owners of these boats are planning to fly to the Gold Coast together to pick up their boats and drive them back to Tasmania together.


It seems that we have not only done two pre-purchase inspections, done all the required follow up work for two new purchases but brought two boating enthusiasts together for a boating trip from the Gold Coast all the way down to Tasmania on their new, smoothly running boats. And as always, we are glad to have been of service!