There is a tribe of people, the world yacht travellers, that live on a boat and simply cruise the world. Some do this for part of the year, some do it for years on end. Many of these people stop at Seatech to make sure their boat is up for the journey. This month, we have looked after and repowered a United Kingdom catamaran “Duplicat” owned by Rick & Amanda Payne.

We were chatting with the owner online and on the phone while he stayed in Fiji. As time was limited for him, all the bookings and parts were sourced prior to him arriving on the Gold Coast. We had previously supplied parts to Rick & Amanda on their journeys, so they were aware of the service and expertise we could offer him. They were also able to take advantage of the great facilities offered at the Boatworks whilst we repowered their home.

The minute the catamaran hit the Gold Coast, we were onto it. We installed 2 new D2-50 Volvo Engines (replacing 2 x D2-40 Volvos) and a new genset. Seatech Marine made all modifications to the exhausts, wiring and fittings amongst other things to make it happen. Within two weeks of working on the boat, Rick & Amanda are ready for the next leg of the journey to New Zealand. Rick is particular pleased as he now gets the same performance from one engine that he got from 2 engines prior to the repower.

The Boatworks is a favourite amongst world travelers, especially those on catamarans. The marina has a big 100 tonne Travel Lift powerful enough for the big catamarans and hardstand facilities with modern bathroom and laundry amenities. The boaties community talks and we would not have it any other way since a recommendation from another boatie is the best kind of advertising for us!

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