Andrew Hebel, a boat owner, who lives in Brisbane, had taken a year off work to sail his much loved Lagoon 410, named ‘Anapa’, for a sail up the coast.  At the end of the trip Anapa was looking a bit worn out. A friend mentioned to Andrew that The Boat Works on the Gold Coast was one of the “Best dry-dock slips around!”  So he brought Anapa down for a tickle up.  Initially he planned to do some maintenance on Anapa and get the motors and sail drive refurbished, so he organised a hard stand for a few weeks.  

Andrew was able to live and work on board Anapa while she was on the hard stand and use the shower, toilet and laundry facilities available at the Boat Works.  

Andrew said, “the facilities are great, the management and staff are good people and everyone was really easy to deal with.  Once I talked to the boys at Seatech Marine I worked out that it was going to be a better option to just have the two Volvo motors and the sail drive completely replaced rather than refurbished.  It was going to cost around 60 percent of a full replacement so I decided to repower.  Seatech staff went about their business sorting that out for me and I worked on the boat doing polishing and touch ups.  It was a great way to get it all done at once at a location where I had everything I needed.”  

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