The Mustang brand was founded in Australia in 1974, and it became Australia’s second-largest luxury boat manufacturer and retailer. This Gold Coast-based brand was bought by Maritimo ten years ago, and the brand has remained the favourite amongst many boaties for decades now.

There are plenty of Mustangs around, many of which get serviced and repaired by us. It is safe to say that we have a Mustang in our books at any given time getting serviced or repaired. At the beginning of this month, we have had six Mustangs simultaneously getting their one-stop-treatment at our workshop at The Boatworks at Coomera.

We are currently working on a 28-foot Mustang for a V6 280 repowering and servicing. As the second-hand market for both boats and boat parts has all but died off, the owner of this vessel decided against selling the old boat in favour of sprucing it up. He has arranged for us to do all the detailing, antifouling, new engine package, trimming works as well as storm covers. The boat will look and perform as new when we are done with it! We are doing all, but the trimming works in-house for this project and our long-term, established professional connections ensure that anything that we outsource is done quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and to the highest standard.

To continue with another Mustang job, we had a 32-foot Mustang earlier this month coming from Townsville for a service. The owner is a previous client who had had his other boats serviced and repaired at Seatech, and his experience with us made him contact us again for this particular job.

This Mustang travelled from Townsville on a truck and then sat on almost all of the lifts in The Boatworks before he landed in our workshop. Once taken off the truck, the Mustang needed to be lifted into the water with the travel lift and from there to our workshop with the sea lift. And all of this purely for logistical reasons.  It is as convenient for the customer as it is to us to have access to the equipment, facilities and professional connections The Boatworks Gold Coast has to offer!

This 32-foot vessel will be stripped out of the old machinery, fitted out with a new bilge and two new V6 280 horsepower engines. The new engines will ensure better fuel economy and increased power. And the boat will be safe and secure in our locked up, secure facilities until it goes back to Townsville.

It is not coincident that we get this many Mustangs coming to us. Years of experience and unbeatable expertise has brought many Mustangs to us, and we look forward to looking after your Mustang too!