The Boat Works Shipyard and Marina is growing and we are along with it. For us at Seatech Marine as well as the whole of The Boat Works, the expansion is a continuation of following best sustainability practices in all aspects of our operations and eco-responsibility.

We pride ourselves in operating in an industry that evolves around enjoying the clean, pristine natural environment and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We have chosen to work with the best brands working in innovative ways to achieve environmental sustainability and have selected the best, environmentally friendly products to sell and use. Volvo Penta is a great example of environmentally conscious innovation in the marine industry and nowadays most products have “the better” options too from biodegradable degreasers to cleaning products. And of course, we do our bit in our office, shop and workshop as well! Recycling of all recyclable materials from cardboard and metal to old oils has been part of our everyday operations for a very long time already.

When talking to our customers, environmental factors are something we are conscious of. We promote the options that are better for our clients as well as the marine environment we all enjoy. For example, the new Volvo Penta petrol range have catalytic converters, that reduces emissions of three harmful gases found in marine exhaust deposits; carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides (cause of smog and acid rain) and unburnt hydrocarbons.

And as far as the whole shipyard and marina goes, they have taken their commitment to all aspects of their operations too.

“We have created the cleanest and greenest shipyard and marina in the world,” said owner, Tony Longhurst, adding that they are dedicated to providing a unique, marine environmentally-friendly facility within a Government Gazetted Marine Precinct.

“We are committed to maintaining the health of our waterways, to operating sustainably and with minimal impact on the environment. The innovations we have implemented throughout the existing facility and the new superyacht yard are a testament to our aim of minimal impact, and in fact, improving water quality.”

What makes The Boat Works the most environmentally friendly place to bring your boat?

  • The Boat Works south uses stainless steel drain grates to filter debris and wastewater prior to entry to the stormwater
  • A dedicated team on ride-on sweepers collect any plastics, contaminants and debris onsite further eliminating the waste into the stormwater and improving water quality
  • Bins for recycling and waste throughout the premises within easy access of all tenants and boat bays
  • 100 kW Solar array in the southern yard with a similar system to be installed in the Superyacht yard
  • Fox Evo-Systems filtration and environmental water systems throughout the site ensuring the diversion of contaminated runoff away from the stormwater and waterways
  • Superyacht sheds, work bays and hardstand are constructed on a slope to collect all runoff water which is then treated to be reused or goes to the sewer
  • Harvesting of rainwater, and recycling of wastewater
  • Bio-gardens planted throughout the new superyacht refit facility along the new 20 berth marina and the Dry Storage Marina. All water goes through bio-gardens before it reaches the River

There is no other shipyard in Australia with similar environmental measures taken. Seatech Marine is happy and proud to have these principles aligned with our own.

Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for your boat to keep your time on the water great for you and good for the environment!