We got a job recently that resembled a jigsaw puzzle and what a puzzle it turned out to be!

A Gold Coast based boating enthusiast bought an old timber boat in New Zealand and got the project started there. The 1958 Century Coronado was stripped down completely and the parts shipped to Australia. This is how the boat arrived at our workshop on the Gold Coast.

It is always a challenge of its own to work on old timber boats but to work on one which was in pieces, was interesting to say the least. And to add to the challenge, the owner had a very tight deadline to complete the job as this one-of-a-kind boat in Australia was to appear in a TV ad for Forex!

We were up for the challenge and had two of our marine mechanics working on the boat at once; putting the engine back in, modernising the steering, engine alignment, dash, skin fittings, you name it, we did it.

Now we need to keep our eyes out for this TV star. Maybe in the Forex ad, maybe at the next season of The Apprentice!

Restoring the Boat our workshop:



An example of a restored 1958 Century Coronado: