This month we talked to Jon about something a bit different. This is a restoration project of a 73 year old power boat and our team has worked on modernising as well as maintaining the old beauty. We are proud to offer the owner first class service and expertise in our premises that are suitable for boats from big, robust ones to smaller, more delicate ones. 

You  can view the video below, or read the transcript below the video.



Speaker 1:                Hello John, how are you going today?

John:                        Good. Yourself?

Speaker 1:                Yeah, good thanks.

John:                        That’s okay.

Speaker 1:                So we’ve got this classic boat over here. Can you tell us a bit about it?

John:                        Yeah. Something a little bit different, this one. This is a Manly gentleman, loves his timber boats, sort of his                                           pride and joy. We’ve just recently pulled out an old VISTA engine, which we can have a look at that shortly.

                                   We’re actually doing a re power on it, with a D1-20 Volvo. Something a bit different.

Speaker 1:                So tell us about the boat a bit, and the owner.

John:                        So the owner’s a bit eccentric, we’d probably call him. What he’s done is he’d had a half cabin on the [inaudible                                    00:00:33]. Jokingly told me that he cut the rear off with a chainsaw, and custom made that himself. Chainsaw                                    normally from a customer means, yeah chisels and whatnot. He was dead set serious with the chainsaw.

                                  So he is custom building obviously this gunwale here. We’ve had him come in and put a bit of advice on what                                        he wants done to his boat. We’re happy to work in with each customer. It’s their personal pride and joy. We                                          can work in around that.

                                 But no, it’ll be a good … something different. It’s not like you’re standard cruiser. It’s something a little bit                                             different, but we’ll show a bit of promise on.

Speaker 1:              What age is it?

John:                       This is about 73 year old.

Speaker 1:               Okay.

John:                       Yeah, so-

Speaker 1:              Oh that’s a good year.

John:                      Is it?

Speaker 1:              Yes it is.

John:                      Not 1973, I’m [inaudible 00:01:17] 73 years old.

Speaker 1:              Oh 73 years old, okay yeah.

John:                       Yeah so she’s-

Speaker 1:              Much older than me.

John:                      Got a bit of a story to her, and little things we’re going to modernize, like LED lighting, floor lighting, just                                               pretty it up, modern it up a little bit, make it a bit more comfortable but still keep its character.

Speaker 1:              Fantastic.

John:                      It’ll be a good little project for him.

Speaker 1:              So I might have a little look inside. Do you want to lead us up?

John:                      Yeah let’s have a look. Let’s have a look.

                                 So the gentleman’s actually come in himself. We offer this to him, obviously being a senior guy, he had his own                                   beliefs of what he wanted to sort out. So he’s cleaned in and all the bilge and rest of it. Things like the dash,                                           obviously things have changed now. All your late model motors actually come in a switch panel arrangement.

Speaker 1:              Oh, yep.

John:                      So we’re going to get acrylic [inaudible 00:02:03] panels with the boat name, make it a bit custom for him.

Speaker 1:              A bit more modernized.

John:                      Yeah, a bit more modernized. Obviously the engine footprint, of where the new motor will mount in, is slightly                                    different, so we’ve got fabricators who can make up a 90 degree bracket, secure engine mounting. The nitty                                          gritty, gearbox ratios, prop pitch and alignment, we can organize that. We’ve got prop calculations that do all                                        that.

                                Virtually she goes to water and there’ll be a sea trial, and many many years of boating.

Speaker 1:              Okay. And she’s being well looked after in this shed.

John:                      Yeah, so this is one good thing we can offer in the shed. This is a lock-up shed. Boat Works themselves actually                                    do offer undercover storage. We can offer complete lock-up. It does come for a fee, it is very attractive,                                                    especially in this sort of install. We can literally jump on this to save the customer labor by removing all the                                          tooling, coming back and forth, back and forth. We can literally leave it in situ, step off the boat, do what we                                          need to do, come back to it, and we know everything’s still there.

                                So, peace of mind for the owner too. His pride and joy is in a lock-up workshop. But we offer that on the large                                      scale stuff. Normally this sort of thing, fit-out stuffs, re powers, anything more than just a standard service or                                      repair, we’ll offer this shed at a premium.

Speaker 1:             Okay, fantastic.

John:                     But no, it makes it easy for every [crosstalk 00:03:23].

Speaker 1:             Have you got a name for this boat?

John:                      It’s Rosie.

Speaker 1:              Rosie, beautiful.

John:                      It is.

Speaker 1:              Well thanks for showing us Rosie.

John:                      Not a problem, anytime.

Speaker 1:              She’s gorgeous.

John:                       Any questions, give us a bell.

Speaker 1:               Yeah, thanks for your time.

John:                        No worries, thank you.

Speaker 1:                See you, bye.

John:                        See ya.