We believe in working with the best brands and products in the industry. We do our research and rely on decades of experience to choose the best of the best for your boat. This time we would like to introduce you to the latest Volvo marine engine.

Volvo Penta has been leading the way in marine innovation for years and once again, has set a new standard in gas engine technology. The V8-300/350C engine offers world-class fuel economy and unrivalled performance that exceeds even the toughest emission standards on the planet.

Some of the features of the engines include a superior power-to-weight ratio and state-of-the-art freshwater cooling system. With the power-to-weight ratio, the engine increases torque and acceleration at every throttle setting while the freshwater cooling system eliminates internal saltwater exposure and direct injection provides more power with less displacement.

There is a reason we have chosen to work with Volvo Penta products and parts for years and as an authorised Volvo Penta dealer, we can talk you through any queries or questions you might. These next-generation engines are a first of their kind in the marine industry!