Power failure can spell disaster in your house as well as in your boat. The damage can vary for inconvenience to an absolute disaster neither of which are something to look forward to, especially when there is an easy way to prevent it.


With today’s technology, you can keep track on what is going on in your boat anywhere, anytime. A boat monitoring system connected to your smart phone via an app, can keep you from having major heart ache when power to your boat is interrupted. The app will give you a prompt notification and you will stay on top of things at all times.


We wrote another post this month about a boat that sunk when the bilge pump and float switch lost power. Circuit to shore power had been interrupted by a fault in the 240 volt supply to the dock and the owner was unaware of this. This is exactly what the app is designed to pick up. After being absent from his boat for a period of time while the water kept leaking into the boat, the damage was done and the boat ended up sinking in its mooring.


iSocket means an intelligent socket and it has been developed and fine-tuned over several years. iSocket Water Sensor is designed to detect water flood and report this to your smart phone through the main unit. What you need to do is to supply a sim card with a Telstra number connected to it and plug the iSocket main unit into 240 volt power outlet your boat. Get it installed and you are all connected.


We are now offering iSocket installations – up and running for just $600 (ex GST). This offer also includes a free safety inspection of your boat as well.


This is a small price to pay for the security and piece of mind you will get in return. The drama of a major repair job, if your boat was to sink, will cost you around $120,000 and the time you spend with insurance claims and repair work will be months.


So why not see us today and we can source the products required as well as take care of the installation. All you need to do is to organise a Telstra sim card and download the app!


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