One thing that’s guaranteed to put a dampener (sometimes literally!) on your holiday fun is having your boat break down in the middle of it.  At best it’s frustrating to lose time and enjoyment while repairs are being made – at worst, a breakdown can be life-threatening.

We’ve put together a maintenance checklist that allows you to ensure that your boat is in the best possible shape for your holiday activities.  And remember that if you’re not sure how to properly perform any of these tasks yourself, your best bet is to call in a qualified boat mechanic to do it for you – and then holiday in confidence!

1. Bilge bay

Are there any apparent leaks or foreign fluid in the bilge bay? Is it clean?

2. Hull and running gear

Check the condition of the antifouling, especially around the waterline, keel, rudder, and running gear.  Ensure that the propellers are clean and not bent out of shape or nicked. Do both visual and touch checks for barnacles and other organisms.

3. Engine and batteries

Run the engine to see if it starts easily.  Check that the batteries have a reasonable amount of charge.

4. Gen-set or generator

If your boat has a generator, run it for half an hour to ensure that it’s working well.

5. Fuel

Check the age of your fuel.  If it’s more than 3 months old, it may cause substandard engine performance or even damage the engine.  This is particularly true for diesel fuels.

6. Winch

If your boat is equipped with a winch, test that it is operating correctly and smoothly.

7. Safety gear

Check the condition of every piece of safety gear on the boat – vests, flares, fire extinguishers, EPIRB, etc.  Check expiry dates as well to ensure that everything is within the recommended usage period.

8. Whole boat

Take your boat out for a run.  Check that it’s performing as you’d expect – getting up to its usual speed and RPM.


Don’t forget to turn on the fridge and make sure it’ll keep all of your drinks – but especially the BEER – nice and cold!


Remember, if you have any concerns contact us to make sure your boat is in good order and ready to for your families next holiday.

For best results you should have your boat professionally maintained every 12 months and we will look after all of this for you!

Have a safe and happy holiday!