Oil sampling is a great tool to give an open view of the internal running of your boat’s engine. It is an analysis of a lubricant’s properties, suspended contaminants and wear debris. Tracking oil analysis sample results over the life of your engine, will also help establish trends which can eliminate costly repairs.

When doing an oil analysis, we take an 80ml sample from your engine oil and express bag it to the locally based laboratory. They then analyse all materials on a periodical table, ie. magnesium, lead, zinc etc. and send us back the detailed results.

The results come back as a brief ” action” description as per the sample below. This one below is a gearbox that contains saltwater through fishing line around the prop shaft that had damaged the shaft seals.

As you can see the sodium levels are quite high which indicates a saltwater entry, clutch packs then again, are burnt by high iron and aluminium results.

These same sample kits can be used for all engine fluids, coolant, gearbox, steering we use these for pre-purchase inspections, to back up our physical inspections. 

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Fact: The study of wear in machinery is called tribology.