Guest blog by Errol Cain of Australian Marine Wholesale

There are always great new bits and pieces of technology being created by boat-lovers all around the world. Sometimes they’re lifesaving innovations; sometimes they just give us a little extra joy in our lives. And some of them are multi-purpose; we often forget just how much value a better interface or a higher tech spec can be in a tight situation. I’ve outlined the four most popular new gadgets that we stock – and why they’re great.

Axiom Pro Navigational Displays

Raymarine Navigational released the Axiom series in November 2017. The displays come in three sizes, offer simple touchscreen interaction, and integrate with a range of equipment:

  • VoIP cameras for security footage in dock or on board.
  • Marine thermal cameras for night navigation.
  • Radar systems to keep watch for nearby hazards and vessels.
  • Sonar to help you find and identify fish.
  • Audio systems for entertainment and communication.

Fusion entertainment systems

The Fusion 700 series deliver high-quality marine sound systems that can be controlled through your Garmin, Raymarine display, or iPhone/Android smartphone. They also have easy-to-tune radio receivers, to ensure that you can always zero in on your local Coastguard and emergency stations.

Lumitec LED lighting

You can do a lot of different things with LED lighting on your boat, from providing motion-sensing illumination for overnight trips to pimping up your boat to create an attractive and artistic light show. Two of the most popular installations are at the stern to light up the wake, and around the inside of the cockpit to provide illumination.

Blue Water Desalination units

“Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” said the Ancient Mariner. That’s because he didn’t have a desalination unit on board. But desalination units aren’t just handy in a tight spot – they can also improve your boat’s fuel efficiency simply by decreasing the amount of fresh water that you need to carry onboard. If you’re hoping to take a few longer trips on your boat, a desalination unit can quickly pay for itself in fuel saved.


Errol at Australian Marine Wholesale is our go-to-man for the world of boating gadgets. If we don’t know it, Errol does!