Protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint is something that has reached all aspects of life by now. Emissions have been targeted in the car industry for years already and now marine emissions have had restrictions introduced too.

Last year, the Australian government introduced emissions standards that affect boats and boaties. These new emissions standards for outdoor power equipment and marine engines include new spark-ignition engines used in marine vessels including: outboard engines, personal watercraft and stern-drive engines.

How do the standards work? From 1 July 2018, only products that meet the emissions standards, or have an exemption, are allowed into Australia. And products manufactured in Australia must also meet the standards or have an exemption. From 1 July 2019, only products that meet the emissions standards, or have an exemption, will be allowed to be supplied in Australia.

These emissions standards have already had an effect in the industry and for example, the carbon two-stroke engines that did not meet the standards, are not produced anymore. Then again, more efficient products are coming to the market every day.

An inevitable consequence of the new standards is the loss of power. When reducing the exhaust emissions, you also reduce horse power. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds to ensure the boats are as fast and powerful as previously.

The new standard structure can sound unnecessary and complicated and leave you with more questions than answers. If you need more information on how this affects your boat and you, give us a call and let our trained and experienced staff help you!