We’d like to welcome our newest staff member to Seatech Marine, Jon Miller. Jon has taken over from Charles. He’s got big shoes to fill, but Jon comes with years of experience and tonnes of enthusiasm. Welcome Jon. We had a quick chat to Jon, you can view the video below, or read the transcript below the video.

Speaker 1: Hi Jon? How you going?
Jon: I’m good, yourself?
Speaker 1: Yeah, good thanks. So you’re the new Operation’s Manager at Seatech Marine?
Jon: Yes, certainly am.
Speaker 1: Yeah great, just this week was it?
Jon: Yes, actually yeah this is the first week.
Speaker 1: Oh goodness, got you on the first week.
Jon: Yeah. A bit of shuffling going on, so nice, but we’re getting there.
Speaker 1: Oh, fantastic. So, I just wanted to let everyone know that you’re here. Do you want to us a little bit about yourself?
Jon: Yeah, certainly. So I’ve been in the industry for 23 years. Qualified marine mechanic, so outboard, stern drive, diesel and inboard certified. Our main dealerships are our Volvo and our Cat and Mercruiser, which I’m all factory certified for. We have all the diagnostic equipment and all the rest for all your computer programming and whatnot. For those diagnostic repairs if there’s fault finding to to be done, we’ve got all that.
Speaker 1: And so what brought you to Seatech Marine?
Jon: So I’ve dealt with Seatech, probably for the past 12 – 13 years. Buying parts, working with the staff, and knowing the staff personally as well as professionally.
Speaker 1: You thought it was a pretty good option?
Jon: Yeah, a good option to come across. It’s got a good name in the industry. Perfect spot being at Boat Works. Obviously Longhurst’s family are really promoting Boat Works Marina.
Jon: We can do comfortably up to 32 foot. We are the only workshop in this vicinity that can store boats externally to the premises – roughly five to six boats up to 30 foot in length.
Speaker 1: Yep.
Jon: We also do have a full lock up facility so it’s quite a workshop.
Speaker 1: So you like the size of the business.
Jon: Yes, we have room to move as well.
Speaker 1: Yep, bit of a challenge.
Jon: The Company’s been going since 1987 too, so we’ve got a big clientele list, which we try to just concentrate on. Big clientele list but it’s a personal effect, so.
Speaker 1: Nice, and what about yourself. A bit of personal info. What’s your passions and that sort of thing.
Jon: See, I’d like the leisure side of the marine industry – the camping, the fishing, the four wheel driving, the boating, not that I won’t have a couple or few beers on the weekend. So that’s all fun and that’s all part of boating also.
Speaker 1: It’s good when you get to work in the industry that you like.
Jon: It is. If you tell people we work on boats, they honestly think you just drive boats around everywhere. It’s not quite that easy.
Jon: But I’m also looking forward to a few changes in house, just fine lining a few things within the business. And just get that customer work relationship business going. So, the customers out in the water and wants to ring us to check something he feels free of doing that, it’s not an issue.
Speaker 1: Right, yeah right. Alright well there’s quite a few people out there that’ll meet you as time goes by-
Jon: Yeah, definitely.
Speaker 1: …So a little snapshot to say hi.
Jon: No, I love it, if you’re round about, pop in and introduce yourself, tell me what sort of boat you got and I’ll try and remember. Thank you.
Speaker 1: Okay thanks a lot Jon.
Jon: Thank you.
Speaker 1: Bye.