Kohler gensets are tricky beasts and a lot of marine mechanics – even those working for Kohler dealers – struggle with them because it’s quite difficult to find thorough, high-quality training for the brand. At Seatech Marine, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort over 25 years getting to know Kohler systems and training staff in exactly what they need to do in order to maintain and repair them. We’ve also kept up to date on the many changes that Kohler have introduced over the years, with both petrol and diesel gensets now available.

There are three systems within a genset:

  • Engine management system
  • Engine mechanical system
  • 240-volt generator system

An issue with a genset could be caused by any one, two, or even all three of these systems, or by the electrical and mechanical joins between them. For example:

  • A fault in the engine management system’s electronic monitoring could cause issues in the 240-volt generator because it makes incorrect adjustments.
  • An electrical fault between the engine management system and the engine itself could cause issues in both systems.

Many generator faults and shutdowns are caused by a combination of issues within the genset. This makes it very difficult for people without expert knowledge of the systems – and the correct tools –to diagnose and repair gensets in general, but specifically Kohler gensets. However, with the correct tools and in-depth knowledge of the systems, it’s possible to recognise and fix the most common genset problems, getting you back out on the water ASAP.

Seatech Marine are recognised as a leading authority on Kohler gensets simply because we’ve been working on them for decades and keep our staff up to date with new technologies. If you’re having a problem with one, give us a call and let us get you back on the water asap.