Your boat winch is another crucial part on your boat. If you’re winch is corroded or not working then you’re going to have to find a berth or a sandbar to pull up to and if you don’t find out it’s not working until you try to hoist your anchor up, then you may be forced to disconnect your anchor and leave it overboard!


Check your anchor winch assembly motor, gearbox and gypsie, plus the anchor and chain. If any of these are badly corroded or not working smoothly then it’s time for a service and possibly replacement with new.


In the video below Leo is replacing a corroded winch with a new one. Watch the video or read the transcript below.




Speaker 1:            Hey Leo?

Leo:                          Hello.

Speaker 1:            We’re chatting to Leo, here at Seatech Marine. How you going, Leo?

Leo:                          Hello, I’m fine.

Speaker 1:            What, can you tell us about what you’re doing over there?

Leo:                          I’m organizing the wiring for a winch that I have to replace on a boat. So I’m doing part of the wiring out of the boat so I can achieve a better quality of the job.

Speaker 1:            So is that a new winch?

Leo:                          It’s a new winch for Bertram 23. So basically it’s just wiring the relay to the motor of the winch and once all the wiring is done here, I’ll jump on the boat and I’ll install the rest of the wiring on the motor in it’s place.

Speaker 1:            Okay. Cool, so you’re getting it all ready before you start installing?

Leo:                          Yeah.

Speaker 1:            And what happened to the old winch?

Leo:                          The old one is corroded because of salt. It’s the sea environment, it’s really rough.

Speaker 1:            Cool.

Leo:                          So we are replacing parts every day, all the time.

Speaker 1:            Do you get many of these types of jobs?

Leo:                          Oh, most of our jobs are fixing damage of course, because of corrosion. Salt in the sea, you have heat exchange or corroded wiring, corroded parts, corroded everything.

Speaker 1:            So it comes with the territory, doesn’t it? Being in salt water.

Leo:                          It’s part of the job.

Speaker 1:            Yeah. Cool. Ok, thanks heaps, we might come and visit you later and see how it’s looking.