There are a lot of advantages to planning your superyacht stopovers on the Gold Coast, rather than Sydney. From services and facilities to nightlife, the Gold Coast has a lot to offer any marine adventurer.

Repairs, maintenance and refurbishment

A lot of superyachts, travelling along the east coast of Australia, stop off at the Gold Coast for repairs, maintenance and refurbishment. That’s because they can access a huge range of businesses that cater to every aspect of superyacht repairs, maintenance and refurbishment, and the quality of work to be found here is second to none. It also doesn’t hurt that costs for work are typically far lower here than in Sydney.


Gold Coast has the room to provide options that Sydney just can’t offer. Our marina, the Boat Works, has amenities like toilets and showers, and you can live aboard your yacht while berthed at the marina, rather than needing to pay for hotel accommodation.

Hire cars

The Boat Works also offers hire cars directly at the marina, so that you don’t have to wait around for taxis or other cumbersome forms of transport. Just hop into your hire car and take a trip up into the Gold Coast Hinterland for a relaxing day trip.

Berthing Costs

Hiring a berth at the Gold Coast is distinctly cheaper than in Sydney – and you’ll have far more freedom of movement to go with it. Berthing options are more extensive than you might think – superyachts 70-80 feet can be berthed at the Boat Works. Hardstand costs, if needed, are also lower than Sydney prices.

For example: A berth at Sydney Darling Harbour Cockle Bay Wharf for vessels over 46ft will cost you $245 for 6-24 hours, whereas at The Boat Works you will only pay $70 per night for a working berth for 50-60ft vessels!

Coomera River

Boats up to a 3.5m draft have been traversing the Coomera River at high tide. Dredging will commence in 2018, which will open up navigation to an even broader range of vessels.

Nightlife and entertainment

With all the Gold Coast theme parks at your doorstep, restaurants and cafes in the adjoining suburb of Hope Island and Surfers Paradise just 25 minutes drive, you’ll have all your entertainment options at your fingertips while having your superyacht serviced, repaired and/or refurbished at The Boat Works, Coomera.

Come and see for yourself!

The best way to discover all that the Gold Coast has to offer as a destination is to stop over here and try our facilities and offerings. You’ll be glad you did!