We are a preferred partner of the major marine insurance companies and have 4-6 insurance claim boats on the go at any given time varying from the small cosmetic work to major engine repairs.

This particular insurance claim was an 18-foot Maxum Bowrider with a very unfortunate case of internal flooding from rainwater entry; the boat did not sink but rainwater turned it into a swimming pool.

What had happened was the bilge pump did not operate properly due to low battery voltage. The boat was covered and stored on the family property but unfortunately, the battery was not checked and the bilge pump couldn’t automatically work through the automatic float switch. The bung was also left in so the water had nowhere to go and torrential rain turned the boat into a pool. There was a blessing in disguise though; this was fresh water, not salt water. The mess was equally as big but the repairs and replacements not as bad.

This is a serious matter and a common problem though and not just for rainwater. Most family boats are used for swimming trips and water sports and family and friends regularly climbing in and out of the boat. A person wearing a wetsuit can bring a considerable amount of water onboard every time they come out of the water. If your bilge pump is not working, the water will pool inside your boat and over time, will damage it.

If storing a boat on the trailer, always make sure to have the bow elevated, bungs out, if you don’t have removable bungs, please ensure you have an automatic float switch wired to your bilge pumps and the batteries remain charged.

Make a DIY boat check part of your regular routine before wild weather and after a day out, make sure you get your boat is serviced regularly and you will enjoy your boat for years to come! To identify the most common problems, download our Boat Owners Guide for free on our website and for service, repairs and expert advice, turn to us. And remember for all insurance claims to be actioned, there must be a service history record for the vessel!