Technology and systems evolve at an incredible pace, no matter which industry it is. One of the great advancements in marine engine service has been introducing Diagnostic Tools for marine engines.

Diagnostic Tools are systems that are very similar to those used for cars; through specialised programs and equipment, a laptop is connected to your vessels ECU or computer and gets specific information and data as a result. The data is helpful for your boat’s service provider, but it will give you valuable insight into the boat as well. For a boat owner, it will bring up current and potential faults, specific diagnostics, brand information and so on. For someone looking to purchase a boat, it will give an insight into the boat’s engine without relying on any third-party information; any previous issues and problems, total running hours as well as hours in between services and potential future issues – all this valuable information in one report.

The tricky part is that each brand has its own Diagnostic Tool with very similar capabilities. Nevertheless, to use these tools and read the data accurately, you need special knowledge and expertise. This is why Diagnostic Tools are only available to authorised brand service providers. Lucky for you, Seatech Marine is the authorised service provider for Volvo and Caterpillar and can therefore run the diagnostic tool on any one of these engines.

Seatech also have the ability to run Mercruiser / Mercury fuel injected models on their diagnostic platforms.

A diagnostics system’s capabilities give your service provider an extra level of information and you a better and more thorough service. Get in touch with us today and see what a diagnostic check-up can do for your boat!