If there’s one thing we’re especially blessed with on the Gold Coast, it’s water. We have a range of freshwater and saltwater destinations all within reach. We’ve listed some of our perennial favourites…

Southport Spit


The Spit is a great family destination, with parks and a number of good fishing spots along it. Stop at Marine Stadium (also known as Bum’s Bay), a free ‘no wash’ anchorage nestled in waters protected by the upside-down ‘U’ of the spit. A small cafe and convenience store ensure that you can pick up small forgotten items or a hot meal as needed. You can also head to Seaworld to see marine life and themed shows, or choose the more active option and head to Federation Walk Coastal Reserve. Good fishing spots abound on the Spit and the Broadwater – schools of tuna, kingfish, giant trevally and tailor regularly visit the area.

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Wave Break Island


This artificial island lies in the Broadwater, sheltering mainland beaches from waves coming through the inlet between Southport Spit and South Stradbroke Island. It’s a popular diving and snorkelling spot, not to mention great for swimming, given its sheltered position. There are two designated boat anchorage points available north and south-west of the island.

Coomera River


The Coomera River offers some classic Queensland mangrove swamps to explore, as well as a number of fishing spots. If you feel in the mood for a quiet wander, head up the north branch and launch a dinghy or kayak to explore some of its offshoots. Or, given that it winds through the gorgeous Lamington National Park, forsake the water entirely for a spot of hiking.

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A tiny town on the Gold Coast’s north, Steiglitz offers a breath of fresh air to those who are sick of the city. Stop in at the marina for a coffee and piece of cake, and stretch your legs.

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South Stradbroke Island


Head out to the lovely South Stradbroke Island for an afternoon or a longer break. The island is popular with boaties throughout southern Queensland for its stunning views and great camping sites. Stop at Tipplers for a coffee, a meal, or a couple of drinks.

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