This boat is a beautiful two year old, 52 foot Absolute and was purchased from Alexander Marine at the Boat Works by a Sydney based boat syndicate for syndication in Sydney. This company has 60 luxury craft under timeshare management at present and growing . Syndicate boat share has become more and more popular as it enables more of us to enjoy the benefits and luxuries of taking a boat out on the water without the hefty price tag. Saying this, sharing the costs also means sharing the responsibilities of keeping the boat running smoothly and safely.

As mentioned, this boat was purchased on the Gold Coast and was entrusted to Seatech Marine to service the 2 x D8 Volvo engines with IPS drives and check over the boat to ensure a safe passage back to Sydney. As a Volvo dealer, we check for any outstanding safety campaigns and service bulletins to keep your boat up to Volvo standards.

It is particularly reassuring to a syndicate vessel manager, whose fleets are powered by both Volvo shaft and IPS drives or the CAT diesels, to deal with a company that can offer the dual Volvo and CAT Dealerships. Work carried out by an authorized Volvo Dealer gives the manager peace of mind that all parts and labor are covered by a 24 month warranty vs a 12 month warranty for parts installed by a non-Volvo Dealer. Seatech Marine have the specialized tooling and up to date diagnostic software which allows quick diagnosis of faults and results in less labour cost to the customer.

As the 52ft Absolute is taken out often and by many different people, it pays to be up-to-date with the maintenance and make sure that you get the most out of the warranties and guarantees offered to you by the manufacturers.