Ever wondered what the latest luxury toys are for Superyachts? Whether you’re dreaming or shopping you’ll love these!

Private jet

Keeping both a jet and a helicopter can be a pain in the neck and a money-sink. Combine the functionality of both in a Trifan 600. It can take off vertically – making it perfect for use on luxury boats – and reach a cruising speed of 340 knots.

Performance car

You need to set foot on dry land occasionally – but that doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun. The Ariel Atom is a car that will take your breath away. It’s a combination of race car and performance road car, and it promises a world of high-speed fun on the open highway or race track. It has a range of customisation options to ensure that your Atom is unique to you and your needs.


Take flight in perfect comfort with a paratrike – providing the best take-offs and landings available. The Falco from ParaJet offers lightweight design, all-terrain wheel base, and a range of engine and wing options.

Underwater drone

Ever been curious about the water you’re travelling over – what lives there, how the sea floor looks? You can always slip on a scuba suit and go have a look, but if that’s not quite your style, consider investing in some cutting-edge underwater tech like the BlueEye Pioneer. It can travel to depths of 150m, and send back high-definition footage to smartphone-connected goggles to provide an immersive viewing experience.


Is a drone not immersive enough for you? Go the whole nine yards with a submersible vehicle and get a true underwater experience. The Super Yacht Sub 3 offers a luxurious and comfortable day trip with air-conditioning, ice box and sound system.

Jetsurf board

Jetskis are a little last-century for our tastes. For a great ride on the water that also provides a good workout, it’s hard to go past the Jetsurf. Imagine a cross between a surfboard, a wakeboard, and a jetski. Use it in good surfing waves or bad, and you’ll still have a packet of fun. If you’re looking for something family-friendly, then the Jetsurf UltraSport might be what you need; if sheer power and thrill are more your style, then check out the JetSurf Race.

Amphibious vehicle

Take your explorations from sea to land and back again with ease – all you need is a vehicle that can handle both with a seamless transition. Gibbs’ Humdinga offers high performance and speed on land and water, giving you the best of both worlds.