Clive Palmer has an impressive fleet of boats and we happen to have had one of those at our workshop recently. This boat in question sank three years earlier and had been marinating in salt-water ever since. The unfortunate incident of sinking did the boat no favours nor did the extended period of time the boat sat idle on the dock. We did have our work cut out for us!

This boat project took us almost 12 months of organisation through Mr Palmers boat managers, before we began the refurbishment of this sort after vessel being one of the larger bowriders available on the market, we contacted Coast guard another Seatech Marine client, to organize the towing of Mr Palmer’s boat to The Boat Works to be hauled out with the sealift, 3 years worth of marine growth was removed from the hull, the complete interior removed, engine, cushions, electrics, etc.

Being the one stop shop, we called on our contacts that have proven before on quality and realistic pricing for the respray on the hull, new cushions, carpets and canopies, detailing and antifouling.

We carried out the installation of the new engine package and the vessels electrics, this was a great platform to show what Seatech Marine can offer all in house. 

It was great to see this boat shiny and out on the water again at the end of the project, customer was very happy with the performance, functions and looks of his refurbed pride and joy, We thrive with challenges like this. Whether you need a regular maintenance for your boat or a total revamp of a sunken one, we are your one-stop-shop for all jobs!