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Preventing boat leaks will save you a world of pain down the track – money and time!  Staying on top of maintenance is the key.  We’ve highlighted 7 of the main ‘preventable boat leaks’ for you in this post.  Check and maintain these areas regularly to save trouble down the track.

#1 Rainwater Through External Fittings
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Sometimes we think of boat gadgets as nice-to-haves that we might want, but don’t really need. While some of this list certainly fall into that category, others provide great safety features that can give us real peace of mind out on the water.

Battery monitoring system

Loss of power feed to your boat while you’re on shore
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Kohler gensets are tricky beasts and a lot of marine mechanics – even those working for Kohler dealers – struggle with them because it’s quite difficult to find thorough, high-quality training for the brand. At Seatech Marine, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort over 25 years getting to know Kohler systems and training
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Ever wondered what the latest luxury toys are for Superyachts? Whether you’re dreaming or shopping you’ll love these!

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We’ve had a recent run of boats coming into the shop that have required repowering. Many of these have needed the work for a frustrating cause: the boats broke down due to problems that could have been prevented if they’d been correctly maintained.  Some actually sank!

Lack of proper maintenance can cause a boat to sink

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Andrew Hebel, a boat owner, who lives in Brisbane, had taken a year off work to sail his much loved Lagoon 410, named ‘Anapa’, for a sail up the coast.  At the end of the trip Anapa was looking a bit worn out. A friend mentioned to Andrew that The Boat Works on the Gold
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