Our Top 6 Boating Destinations around the Gold Coast

Gold Coast must be one of the best boating locations in the world. The city combines all the benefits of a bigger city with the most beautiful waterways and ocean you can imagine. And the best way to explore the area is on a boat.

When we get a day on the water, where do we go? Here are our top pick boating destinations around the Gold Coast this holiday season.

  1. Moreton Island and Tangalooma Island Resort – Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island in the world with white sandy beaches, sand dunes, National Park and anything else your family could wish for. Tangalooma Island Resort is at the heart of the island. For daily visits, you do need to get a pass but it is worth it as the island and the resort offers numerous ways to entertain and impress everyone in the family from wild dolphin feeding to quad biking, sand tobogganing and getting familiar with the rich history of the island.   
  • Peel Island – This small, Moreton Bay Island with a National Park status is a fantastic day or overnight destination. Facilities on the island are limited but camping is allowed. Horseshoe Bay is a good spot for anchorage as it is sheltered from the northerly winds and especially on low tide, offers beautiful, sandy beaches. An artificial reef is built to the north of the island while you can find a sunken houseboat on the southern tip. The island itself is filled with historical and cultural significance and stories.
  • Couran Cove – Couran Cove is one of the must-do boating locations around for a family day of fun. The island resort, playground for kids, safe swimming areas, restaurants and bars and beautiful walks around the area are sure to offer something for everyone in the family.
  • Jumpinpin Channel – If it is more natural beauty you are after, the Jumpinpin Channel, also known as just The Pin, between South and North Stradbroke Island offers all that you need for a day out. Pull your boat up, have a picnic on the white sand and take in the natural beauty around you.
  • Wavebreak Island – The Wavebreak island is a great spot for picnics, BBQs and iconic scenery. Pull up close to the shore on the northern side of the side which is sheltered from the winds, go across and have a BBQ or a picnic on the beach. This is also the perfect place for skiing or wave boarding.
  • The Spit – The Southport Spit must be one of the all-time favourite boating destinations on the Gold Coast. Anchor your boat in the cove area north of Seaworld and you are sheltered from the winds. This area is great for swimming, picnics and walks. And the famous Spit is just across as well.

We hope you and your family have a great time on the water this summer!