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Have you been spending a bunch of time trying to diagnose or fix a problem yourself, with no luck? 

Spending more money on repairs and maintenance than you know you need to - and just want it sorted?

Frustrated that you can't get out on the water with family and friends?

And concerned if you don’t get a clear answer soon - everything will stay unorganised, expensive and you won't get the full enjoyment of your boat?

Do you want more time to take care of work, home, and yourself - and less on boat repairs?

Can you use the security that comes with knowing exactly what needs to be done, and the cost?

Do you want the joy and relief that comes when you know you can get out on the water when you want to?

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What's your boat's true condition? DON'T RISK EXPENSIVE SURPRISE PROBLEMS!  

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Some of the most common problems diagnosed by our FREE inspection are:

Engine overheating

Boat down on performance 

Boat has a vibration

Hard/Firm or non-direct steering

Motor won't crank over

Water entry to blige

Vessel Gelcoat has gone chalky

Pre-purchase inspections

So relieved to know exactly what's going on... thanks so much for the inspection. - Bill Smith

They made the whole inspection process was so easy - - Frank Jones

It's time to find out the real condition of the boat once and for all....

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